Standards & Norms


Chinese standards & norms for personal protective equipment

GA10-2014 Fireman's ptotective clothing for firefighting


Protective clothing--Flame-retardant protection--Part 1:Flame-retardant protective clothing
GB12014-2009 Static ptotective clothing
DL/T320-2010 Performance requirement of personal arc protective equipment
Compliance Standard Material for police uniform--Fabric of tactical suits for SWAT
GA633-2006 Firefighter's protective ensemble for rescue
GA869-2010 Protective hood for firefighters
  Several others Standards under development.

Correspondent European norms for Firefighters personal protective equipment


Production and testing specification for universal firefighters turn out gear and station wear.
EN469 Protective clothing for firefighters / European norm

Correspondent European norms for Industry for personal protective clothing

EN 340 Protective clothing, general requirements
EN 343 Protective clothing: protection against bad weather
EN 348 Protective clothing; determination of behaviour of materials on impact of small splashes of molten metal
ISO 694d2:2002 Protective clothing against Heat and fire convection
EN 367

Protective clothing; protection against heat and flames
determination of heat transmission on exposure to flame

EN 368 Protective clothing for use against liquid chemicals; resistance ofmaterials to penetration by liquids
EN 468 Protective clothing - ProtDetermination of resistance to penetration by spray (Spray-Test)
EN 470 Protective clothing for use in welding and allied processes - General requirement
EN 471 High-visibility warning clothing
EN 530 Abrasion resistance of protective clothing material
EN ISO 11612:2008 Protective clothing for workers exposed to heat (EN531)
EN ISO 15025:2002 Protective clothing against heat and flames. Test procedure for limited flame spread
EN 533 Protective clothing - Protection against heat and flame - Limited flame spread materials and material assemblies
EN 1149 Protective clothing - Electrostatic properties
Test method IEC/CD 61482-2:2006 Protective cloting against electric arc

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