Leading Chinese Technical Textiles Manufacturer

Located in the Shanghai Jinshan District, Zhangyan Town, IBENA Shanghai Technical Textiles Co.,Ltd. is a leading chinese manufacturer of technical textiles specialized in the development and manufacturing of industrial fabrics. Protective Fabrics, Automotive Textiles , Decatizing wrappers & undercloth are the principal products.

German roots

IBENA Shanghai Technical Textiles Co.,Ltd. is a wholly foreign owned subsidiary of the IBENA Group of companies in Germany with almost 200 years of experience since its establishment in 1826. As such IBENA Shanghai has inherited the Business Philosophy and German Technology of its parent company in Germany in terms of management and commitment to quality leadership. IBENA Shanghai has a Chinese management, merging the best Elements of Chinese and Western Culture.

IBENA Shanghai Technical Textiles Co. Ltd. has won the "Foreign funded enterprise with advanced technology" award in 2005 and every subsequent year to date. With a track record of stability, continuous growth and success over 20 years, combined with a high sense of social responsibility, IBENA Shanghai has won great reputation as trustworthy and reliable employer and business partner.

Protective fabrics

With the use of latest fiber materials and the application of advanced finishing technology, IBENA provides the highest level protective fabrics for military, firefighting, police, petrochemical, smelt electricity a.o. applications, where people are exposed to risk of flame, high temperature or electric arc. Made of inherently flame retardant fibres these fabrics provide permantent protective performance.

Decatizing fabric

High performance quality decatizing wrappers provide the foundation to the finishing of woolen and wool-like fabrics. Different types of wrappers meet all requirements of fine wool and manufacturing. Highest quality silicone blankets made in Germany, offer new top brilliant and efficient finishing results.

Automotive fabrics

Elegant designs, perfect weaving constructions, IBENA automotive fabrics not only meet the highest technical specifications but also offer a kind of esthetic enjoyment.

Did you know?

IBENA is EXCLUSIVE Quality Partner of DuPont Nomex® in China